How Local?

Our local TAHOE-TRUCKEE culture and community are rapidly changing.  We’re using humor to adapt.  This quiz pokes some light-hearted fun at the expense of both newcomers and long-time locals alike.  Please enjoy this cultural stroll into what may soon be history, and let us know how you do!

👇  Take the quiz.  

👍  Count your yeses.

👉  Tell us: What kind of local are you?

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° Do you know and fear “the berm”?

° Do you own at least 5 snow removal implements, even if you have a plow contract?

° In summer, do you know when a roof is going to be “stupid” in winter?

° Have you ever gotten in a feud with a neighbor over where to store snow?

° On a powder day, do you know where to find untracked snow, and you tell NO ONE?



° Was your high school’s cross country running/skiing program bigger than football?

° Have you given, or been given shovels for Christmas?

° Did you learn to swim in a large hot tub or hotel/resort pool?

° Have you stood at a bus stop in the snow, wearing shorts?

° Did your grocery store carry tire chains?



° Do you blame all bad driving (going too fast, too slow, or going at all) on city folks?

° Have you ever driven a Subi with no plans to fix the rusted dents?

° Do you keep a sleeping bag and a shovel in your car, and have you used them?

° Do you proclaim you’re leaving Tahoe-Truckee for good, every time there’s 5 minutes of traffic?

° Do you remember when the most common car was an open bed pickup with dogs + a gun rack?



° Is your garage stuffed with outdoor toys while your car is parked outside?

° Does your floor color match the dirt outside your home?

° Do you or your neighbor park trailers, boats or snowmobiles in the yard?

°  Do you think a mudroom and a shed double the value of a home?

°  Have you had to clean up after a bear break-in?



° Do you choose your shoes based on their traction on ice or trails?

° Does your notion of dressing up involve finding your “good jeans”.

° Do you think duct tape is an acceptable method to mend clothing?

° Do your duct tape patches on your tech gear make you look cool?

° Are you steezy, but others are gapers?



° Do you think watching moored boats sink and/or wash up on a windy day is a spectator sport?

° Have you ever held three jobs at once?

° Do you know that the “Tourist Club” is definitely not for tourists?

° Do you absentmindedly say “Hi Bear” and keep going about your business when you see one?

° Do you navigate using distinctive trees, and the trees have names?



° Do you know more than a dozen crazy dog ladies?

° Do you regularly attend tailgate parties that don’t involve sports teams?

° Do you take too long in the grocery store and post office because you always run into friends?

° Do you strive to have at least one friend with a boat?

° Are you that person with a boat that everyone strives to befriend?

° Do you know at least 12 Realtors?  



  • 0-7: NEWBIE: Welcome to Tahoe!  We appreciate your enthusiasm; your Instagram feed is the reason resorts don’t need marketing teams anymore.  People won’t  likely remember you until you stick around after a big winter. Call us: we’ll help you find a home.


  • 8-15 SEASONED RESIDENT: Congratulations! You’re turning into a genuine mountain dweller.  We see you around a lot, but we can’t remember if we have already officially met, and now it’s just plain awkward.  Call us and introduce yourself officially!


  • 16-23 GENUINE LOCAL: Hats off to you! You’ve seen it all.  Maybe you were even born here.  You know pretty much everyone and everything.  If we need something, we’re going to call you to figure it out.


  • 24-31 TAHOE ROYALTY: Woah! For a moment we thought we saw a Sasquatch. Everybody knows you and it is a great honor to keep your company; you’re a legend!  If you’re too jaded to stick around this town, call us.  We’ll help you sell.




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